Saint Michael Lutheran School operates a Christ-centered pre-kindergarten to meet the needs of children beginning at age three. Pre k-3 and pre k-4 promote successful learning within a climate of discovery and hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to ask questions and work together to solve problems. Academic subjects are introduced with theme-based and child-centered activities. Our pre-kindergarten classes prepare children for kindergarten.

The kindergarten is a reading-writing kindergarten with an emphasis on phonics, reading readiness, developmental thinking, mathematical relationships and religion. The development of a meaningful academic program for future, formalized schooling is provided, including science and social study skills. The children also develop interpersonal skills for peer-to-peer relationships.

All students need a firm foundation of basic knowledge in order to achieve success in their future education. At Saint Michael, we provide the tools in both elementary and middle grades that allow each child to confidently meet these challenges.

Each pre K-3 through third grade classroom is essentially self contained with the classroom instructor responsible for instruction in all core academic subjects. Partial departmentalization is used in grades 4 and 5, while grades 6 through 8 are completely departmentalized in order to take advantage of each instructor’s area of expertise. Specialty instructors teach Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Guidance, Spanish and Resource Room remediation and enrichment. All coursework throughout the day contains a Christian point of view.

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